[CASE STUDY] How We Generated 262 Leads and $68,162 in Revenue to a New Local Business From Day 1 With Just a $10/day Advertising Budget

[CASE STUDY] How We Generated 262 Leads and $68,162 in Revenue to a New Local Business From Day 1 With Just a $10/day Advertising Budget


About the business:

ODR is a Roll Off container rental service in the Orlando area. They provide roll off containers for residential and commercial use. ODR was a new company that opened the doors to their business mid 2016, right before they reached out to the Digital 904 team to develop their online branding and marketing

The Digital 904 team has helped ODR out perform their top competitors online in just under 60 days! Competitors that have been in business for over 35 years have been outran by a new company that just opened their doors. In under 60 days, we were able to out perform all of ODR’s competitors in the paid Google ads network by getting a 10 out of 10 quality score on their Adwords campaign. Which resulted in #1 Google position, and lower CPC (cost per click) on the same keywords that ODR’s top competitors were targeting. 


From 0 Traffic to 500+


Our Challenges

  • New business without any prior marketing or sales.
  • No targeted audience defined
  • Client on a limited budget
  • No marketing strategy

Our Solution

  • Developed a custom marketing strategy to identify the companies most ideal targeted audience on the Google search network. 
  • In-depth keyword research to reveal the highest targeted list of hungry buying keywords
  • Developed and optimized a conversion focused landing page for each specific keyword that we’re targeting that focused on a single “call to action”
  • Created a follow up sequence with retargeting ads to reach back out to the non-converting traffic that we purchase from Google

Our Achievements

  • Generated enough revenue the first 7 days of marketing to pay back clients initial investment spent with us.
  • Perfect 10 Google relevancy score
  • CTR (Click Thru Rate) as high as 7.58%. Industry standard is 2%!
  • 29.92% Landing page conversion rate (amount of visitors that converted into leads)
  • Dropped the lead acquisition costs from $14 per lead to $7 in under 60 days!
  • Made a predictable marketing machine that converts $333 into $5,800 in return!


The Results! (as of 12/30/2016)

  • 361 Phone Call Leads Generated
  • 78 Form Internet Leads Generated
  • $63,413.39 Revenue Generated

This is more of a problem… but a damn good problem.  The only thing that is holding our client back from increasing their $10/day advertising budget is the fact that we keep him completely SOLD OUT. We are unable to increase the lead volume until our client increases his inventory of roll off containers. Therefor, we have his campaigns on a leash and can be increased at any point in time whenever his business can handle more leads.

The original 2 year goal for our client was to have 20 roll off containers in stock. When we started, he just had 5 of them. In just under 6 months, we have nearly met his goal and he now has 15 roll off containers in stock.




209 Sales From the 362 Leads Generated!



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