How To Get The Biggest 4th of July Bang!

4th of July sale

4th of July is all about picnics, days off work (for most of us that is), booze, and fireworks. But other then the family events and time off work, it’s also a great time to have promotions on your product and services.


Here is some inspiration of promotional ideas that you can run in your marketing mix to increase engagement and customers.

1. Run a Facebook photo contest! 

Facebook Photo Contest

Running a Facebook photo contest is a great way to boost the engagement with your Facebook fans right when the buzz is hot. This method prompts your fans to share their favorite 4th of July memories with your brand. Incentive your fans with prize with the photo that they share gets the most votes (likes). This increases your engagement of your fans to share their entries amongst their friends and families, attracting more fans from the bang of shares.

It’s easy to run Facebook photo contests, you just need to use the right tools. At Digital 904, we use WishPond that automates this process and makes it easy to run Facebook photo contests on your fan page.


2. Run a 4th of July flash sale to your customers!

red, white, and you

A great way to get a flood of new sales is from running a 4th of July promotion to your current list of customers. Your customers are the easies to market to, since they have already had a previous transaction with your business, the trust level is much higher then promoting to people that have not purchase from your company in the past.

Customers are 8x more likely to purchase from you again. Running holiday promotions is a great excuse to run a flash sale to boost your order frequency with your customers.


3. Send 4th of July holiday cards to your list

Everybody likes cards, even if it does come from your company. This method is great for increasing your brands recognition and trust. The best practice of this method is to NOT sell to your list, but just to provide a holiday greeting to warm your list up more.


4. Add value to your fans and customers 

Drink recipes collections

Create a collection of 4th of July drink recipes and share it on your pinterest. This is a great way to send value in advance to your fans by providing them new ideas of their favorite drink recipes that they can mix up on their 4th of July event.


5. Give out some 4th of July swag! 


Everyone likes some “swag”, especially if it is for free. Give out some 4th of July themed glasses, cups, necklaces, etc at your next company event. It’s a great way to boost your brand recognition and increase your consumers trust in your brand.

There are plenty of places that you can order products in bulk for pennies on the dollar. One of our favorites is from

This is also a great way to increase your email/SMS list by giving away these products in exchange of obtaining their Email address or phone number.


Be prepared for the holiday promotions. These are great way to increase your sales, fans, and leads.






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