Top 3 Conversion Hacks To Increase Website Leads for Dental Practices

Top 3 Conversion Hacks To Increase Website Leads for Dental Practices

Are you looking to get more dental patients into your practice each month?

You have a website, but you feel like it is not generating your dental practice a positive return on its investment?

If you answered yes to at least one of the above, then keep reading on.

You see… most dentists and even website designers get this wrong. You’re an expert in your profession by providing great oral hygiene to your patients. You should not have to learn how to profession in website design or optimization in order to grow your dental practice. It is also not the website designers fault… they did go to school for design. But your website takes more than just having a professional designer. Your website is your #1 marketing tool in your business. Therefor, it also takes a good marketer to develop your website around a conversion strategy. One that will attract new visitors to your website and convert as many of those visitors into leads and patients walking in to your dental practice.

You could have a website that is generating 2,000 new visitors per month, but if your website is getting a whopping 1% conversion rate, then there is something that is off. Sometimes it can be as easy as just a couple tweaks that are off on your website, or lacking readability and functionalities on different devices. Either way, most of the time it is just a few simple tweaks that make the biggest impact to increasing the visitor to lead conversion rate on your dental website.

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The average medium conversion rate for a dental practice is 3%. If you’re like 80% of all the other dental practices, your conversion rate is probably sitting around the 1% line right now. Just imagine… your website going from a 1% conversion rate to a 3% conversion rate pretty much overnight. That means… if your website is currently generating 10 new leads per month to your practice, that number would go up to 30 new leads per month. You just TRIPLED the amount of business just by implementing easy conversion hack strategies.

Since 80% of dental practices fail at making sure that their website has a conversion strategy, they also fail at paid online advertising. Since what good is filling up a leaky bucket?

The whole purpose as to why I wanted to share this blog post with everyone is because I am tired of seeing the 80% of dental practices fail over just a few small and simple tricks that they can implement on their website today and start seeing a increase in their bottom line tomorrow.

I have outlined the top 3 MOST important tips and tricks that you can implement into your dental practice’s website today that will greatly increase your leads and getting more qualified dental patients walking through your doors.


Dental Website Hack #1 – The BIG Fat Phone Number or Online Booking

This is a great example of applying the “KISS” (keep it stupid simple) method on your website. You want it to be EASY for your potential patients to get in touch with you on your website, no matter what page they are on.

The best way to accomplish this is by displaying your phone number at the top of your header, or even in a top bar on every page. Since there are always 2 types of patients… one that likes to just dial your practice right up and schedule a appointment over the phone or those that are keeping things digital and within swipes of their finger to just schedule a appointment online to come in.

If you are using WordPress, then here are a couple plugins that we recommend to you for implementing these changes onto your dental practice’s website…

WP Nice Top Bar (FREE) – For having a top bar display above your websites header. You can simply insert your phone number in the text. For maximum results, also display a option to allow your potential patients to book a appointment online at one of your location.

Easy Appointments (FREE with paid upgrades) – This plugin will allow you to add in a appointment calendar on your website to make it easy for your potential patients to book a appointment that fits in to your practices schedule, and theirs. This is a free plugin to download and setup. If you would like to charge for appointments (which we don’t recommend), then there is a paid upgraded version that will allow you to do this.


Dental Website Hack #2 – Clear & Single CTA (Call to action) On Each Service Page


Make sure each page has a SINGE CTA (Call to action). This is the MOST important and a common mistake that 80% of dental practice websites make.

If your visitor is on your “Teeth Whitening” service page, then your CTA should be in terms of something like “Schedule your teeth whitening today by calling or booking online”. Do not be generic with your CTA buttons with something like “Book Online” (like the example below). 

BOOK WHAT ONLINE? Assume your visitors do not know what page they are on and TELL THEM! Your button on your teeth whitening service page or landing page should say something like “Book Your Teeth Whitening Session Today”.

Make sure that you include this same CTA throughout multiple sections of your page….

If you have a client testimonials section, then underneath your testimonials you can have a CTA button that says “Be Our Next Success Story. Schedule Your Teeth Whitening Session Today” and link them to a online appointment calendar (like I mentioned in hack #1 above) or a simple contact page where they can submit a form online or call your office number directly. 


Dental Website Hack #3 – Keep The Science/Tech Talk To Minimum. Talk More Benefits


You probably went to school and got a fancy degree. But when it comes to getting more patients, you don’t want to confuse your ideal targeted audience with all sorts of fancy jargon on your main website.

Remember, the purpose for your website is to increase more patients in the local area. Not ALL potential patients care about the science behind the technology that you use. All they really care about is getting their problem fixed (cleaning, braces, removal, etc). The last thing you want to do is “confuse” a potential client… confused people do NOT convert.

So save all the features and science talk for your blog. They make great blog posts, and will later get positioned in front of visitors that are actively researching the science / features behind what you use in your dental practice.


  1. This is going to help me dental website a lot. Thank you for sharing these tips!

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