Must Have Apps To Help Brand Your Business on Instagram

Apps to brand your business on Instagram

Apps to brand your business on Instagram

Instagram is a fun way to connect your business with more fans. There are over 400 active MILLION users on Instagram, so why not have your business in one of the most active social media networks?

Instagram is a great way to tell your brands story, share new products and services that you offer, and attract more customers and leads. One of the most common mistakes that business owners make on Instagram is not knowing what to post, what tools to use, and how to automate the process to keep your Instagram consistent with its fans.

That is why we want to share with you some of these MUST HAVE apps that will help you properly brand your Instagram by sharing content that attracts and engages with your Instagram followers.


1. Creating professional images (without being a graphic design experts)

One of the most popular apps that we use to create professional photos in just minutes is Canva. With Canva, you don’t need to be a photoshop expert in order to create professional, share worthy graphics on your Instagram account.


Canva comes with 1,000 of pre-made templates that you can choose from. Whether you are creating a Instagram post, power point presentation, Facebook cover, or even a company letterhead. Canva makes designing a breeze and the best part is… it comes packed with TONS of FREE templates that you can use, along with paid premium templates that start at just $1.


2. Getting FREE professional photos to share (without being a professional photographer)

We love stock photos. You can find a professional royalty free photo that you can share on your Instagram, or even your web site, without having to hire a professonial photographer and being creative. There are many stock photo websites out there that like to charge anywhere from $3 – $50 per stock photo… I don’t know about you, but that can get pretty pricey, especially if you are sharing 3 – 5 photos per day on a consistent basis.

That is why we like to use Pexels, a free stock photography website where we can search any type of photo in any niche to share on our Instagram profile.



3. Branding your business with photo mock ups

You can use photo mock ups to brand your business on different screen devices, apparel, and more easily by using Placeit.


Using photo mock ups is a great way to increase social trust and your brand. It’s highly recommended to mix into your Instagram posting strategy on a regular basis. By using Placeit, you can easily create photo mocks in minutes with just a couple clicks.

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